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Celebration! I've managed to update this blog for five days in a row. No way did I expect to keep up for that long. This deserves celebration, and I suggest we celebrate using a heavy dump of Bitcoin under 10.000 USD.



Main focus today: Craig Wright has lost his court case against the Kleimans family. Even worse: court suggested that Wright hands over 50% of intellectual property and 50% of "the" Bitcoins from before 2014. Everybody with half a brain knows he doesn't have them. I'm curious if Wright finally gives the fuck up, so we all can move on and forget about this whole mess. First reactions (especially from Calvin Ayre, see below... that guy is a true treasure chest of denial) suggest, however, that this will not be the case. They will find a way to make it look "positive" for Bitcoin SV.

If you ask me: Bitcoin SV is the most annoying shitcoin we've ever had. Not a single coin I remember (and I remember many!) has managed to stir up that much shit. It's time this thing finally dies.