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Good morning! What a great day, Bitcoin is moving up and Tezos also still wants more. Good… let's keep it that way for another while. Dune is keeping its buy support in the 0.025 USD range, which is great. Also, starting with block 217.088 (should be a bit later, today), the monthly burning of 10% of unused wallets starts today. There are different estimates on how it will affect the total supply, but most range around the 50% mark, which would be quite huge.

But I assume that, if FOMO materializes and DUN goes up, more and more people will start claiming their DUN before the whole idle supply will be burned. So, with each passing month, the rate of burnable coins might decline if there's anything close to a network effect in Dune.

Ok, today in crypto:


What's up today? I've decided to write a bit more about my trades. Recently, the markets are seeing increased activity; not only did Bitcoin leave its 6.000+ range and is knocking on the door to 10.000 – shitcoins are pumping left and right, too. Well, "pumping". Of course, this is nothing compared to 2016+, but even the Bitcoin 2017 blow off top has started somewhere (in 2015). So, let's be patient and ride this on its way up to new ATHs. 😎

What I'm trading, currently:

Let's see how it goes. Lots of opportunities, there… I wouldn't go that far to use the s-word, yet, but we're on a good way. Markets have bleeded long enough!