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GDPR Notice

Since May 2018, websites are required to inform their users about what data is collected. This website does not collect any data from its visitors (it uses no trackers like Google Analytics or related, sets no cookies on your computer and doesn't even store logs on the server), so no further notice regarding GDPR is needed.

This website

Some of you might wonder: is this website broken? Did that guy not manage to configure his Wordpress properly and now the stylesheets are broken? No. Nothing is broken (and as a side note: I don't use Wordpress). It's fine as it is. I wanted a website which is easy, fast and delivers its content, and it should do this in a way which doesn't require you to load a fuckton of useless JavaScript and CSS files. This website comes with plain HTML and has only very little styling, most of it being inline CSS which takes care of margins and a few colors. So, yes, I'm fucking proud of this and I'll try to keep the score high:

I've had another project where I used Wordpress and made the horrendous mistake of buying a "professional template" from a "web agency" in India (they still owe me a fixed version of that template... after being annoying for a few months and them promising a fix soon™, I eventually gave up and never heard of them, again). Despite myself being a web developer, but I wanted to save some time and ended up trying to get this piece of $#!7 template to score at least higher than 5 out of 100 on Google Page Speed Insights. It was annoying and it kept me from doing what I intended to do with the website: delivering content.

So, here's my new try: a plain website which is fast as hell and does what it's supposed to do: deliver content.

Oh, and the best part: it's responsive! Just like that; it looks fine on a desktop computer, as well as on mobile devices. How is this even possible without bootstrap?! 🤔