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Fellow Shitcoiners, Gamblers, Degenerates!

This is my shitcoin blog. You can also find me on Twitter under the handle @allyouracid (give me a follow if you want, or don't – I don't really care). If anyone has links or any other material on recent scams, frauds or other interesting stuff in Cryptoland, send me an email at… wait, don't send me an email, I'll find the good stuff myself. You can tag me on Twitter if necessary.

2022/04/06 - Decapitating the Hydra


2022/04/01 - Nation state shitcoins

2022/03/31 - Bitcoin maxis go Proof of Clown

2022/03/29 - Mt.Gox news: Ungox + NFT for account owners

2022/03/27 - Dick socks

2022/03/24 - DeFi on Tezos

2022/03/23 - How do you wanna get rekt today?

There are days when I want to blog just for the sake of continuing this blog. But there are other days when the lines almost type on their own. Today is such a day, you find one thing worth mentioning and it just gets more and more and more... and more. What a great day; today, we've had everything: scams, El Salvador, Number go up. And I don't even wanna know what I missed. But see for yourself:

Oh, one more thing before I go to bed: watch out for hidden things! πŸ‘€

2022/03/19 - Learning new stuff

2022/03/18 - DeFi is short for Degen Finance or?

2022/03/17 - T-shirts and other disrespectful stuff

2022/03/16 - Insert another random headline here

2022/03/15 - Comeback v2

2022/03/14 - Guess who's back, back again Shady's back, tell a friend

2021/07/12 - Improve your trading using the "Hooker & Blow Fund" strategy

2021/07/04 - Haven XHV: moving forward

2021/07/03 - When your ICP tokens are locked and Dfinity dumps on everyone

2021/07/01 - Haven Protocol got attacked (fix in progress)

First off, I'm currently not able to post as much as I want to. Reason is that we're in the middle of moving to another place. Well, not technically in the middle, but we're preparing and already transporting a lot of our stuff etc, so I don't have much time for shitcoins, sound + hardware and other things I like.

2021/06/28 - NFTs with multi editions getting exploited on Hic et nunc

2021/06/25 - Bitcoin shorts increasing on Bitfinex

2021/06/24 - John McAfee died in Spanish prison

2021/06/19 - NO, Elon Musk is not the creator of HODL!

2021/06/18 - Focus on Bitcoin! Errr... Tezos

2021/06/17 - Crash of the Titan

2021/06/15 - EU wide crypto regulations from Germany

2021/06/14 - China shenanigans and more

2021/06/13 - Cuba abandons USD

2021/06/12 - tapped the root, bro!

2021/06/11 - Dutch crypto ban coming? Update: NO!


2021/06/08 - …and more

2021/06/07 - El Salvador and real estate which doesn't exist

2021/05/27 - Insert random headline

I'm having severe issues with my internet connection, today. It often happens that when I call a URL (as in, the one to save this post), I get a network connection error. This sucks, but I'll try to adapt to it.

2021/05/26 - This tweet gets you 24k $

Honestly, I didn't plan to start blogging short before midnight. But sometimes, there are higher forces at work which lead you to do your fkin work and keep your blog up to date. And yes, this one was absolutely worth it, I almost shat my pants laughing.

Also, I just realized that this has become one hell of a long page, already. At some point, I will clean it up a bit. It's actual manual work where I move records to another page, because I really don't wanna stuff this page with JavaScript or what have you which adds a sleak navigation with pagination etc… I wanna continue to keep it clean.


Anyway, good night. I'm tired, I got my second BioNTech jab, today. Finally done with this.

2021/05/24 - Bought the dip?

So, Bitcoin dumped to shit (lost over 50% since its all time high) and everybody turned bearish, calling the end of the rally. Now, we're getting a retrace and it's gonna get interesting to see whether this is a dead cat which just bounces a bit, or if the rally continues. Some caution in the coming days won't hurt. But now let's have some fun with Twitter, shall we.

2021/05/16 - Saylor Moon vs Elon Goku

Again, a day where we seem to trade only Elon. Similar to McAfee's  appearance in crypto, I'm starting to wish he never joined our degeneracy. People are in full retard mode, buy and sell their BTC based on Musk's tweets and nothing makes sense, anymore. But ok, here we go:

2021/05/13 - Tesla / Elon Musk vs Bitcoin

I just cannot not write about this. This morning, I woke up and the whole web / Twitter was in full retard mode. What happened? Elon Musk revealed [1] that Tesla will not accept Bitcoin payments anymore, because he's worried about the Bitcoin ecosystem's carbon footprint. He cited a few articles which have nothing scientific on them (yes, I read the whole shebang), just the general fud we all know by now:

Regarding his obviously new formed opinion, it's at least interesting to note that not long ago, he agreed to someone who stated that Bitcoin actually incentivizes mining on clean / renewable energy.

This guy has something on him where you don't know if you can trust him. I've had so many friends saying (years ago) that he's either the greatest genius or the biggest scammer on this planet. There is nothing inbetween. And I don't like such people. When I see someone, I wanna be able to asses what kind of person I'm dealing with. And somehow, this isn't possible with Elon Musk.

Honestly, I have no problem with people who see Bitcoin only as a way to make money. That's perfectly fine, Bitcoin is what you want it to be. Pick its properties which serve your purpose most and use it for that. This is what makes Bitcoin so great: it's versatile in many, many ways.

But holy fuck, Elon. You really don't have to shit in everybody's soup, just because you "made a discovery" (which I don't buy, either). You cannot at one point say that you gotta be careful, because you "just realized" that your tweets move markets [Note: I can't find that particular tweet, right now… maybe, I'll try to find it tomorrow, but now, I really wanna finish this article and go to bed, it's past midnight, already; for the time being, you can read more about this here], then constantly pump altcoins in ways which are almost as disgusting as McAfee's modus operandi, then agree that Bitcoin is incentivizing green energy because it fits yocan spam this timelineur financial needs in that particular moment, and then dunk on that one community which actually enjoyed your presence because you either have a short open or want to buy lower. This is asshole behavior.can spam this timeline

But there is one thing left to say (and to finally finish this article, which was supposed to only be a couple of lines, haha): thanks for showing your real face, I am pretty sure that the crypto community will not forget this.

Good night!

2021/05/01 - Hello Frens!

It's been some time... during the past months, my incentive to write meaningless blogposts here was pretty low. Got quite a bit of things going on in this weird thing called real life, and boy, does it distract me from the bull market!

It's fine, though. I have my bags and I regularly spend time scooping markets for promising projects. Compared to 2016+, I'm spending much, much less time in front of the screen, but the results are the same – if not better. So far, everything I expected from 2021 came true, Altcoins are doing their thing, making higher highs and higher lows, and Bitcoin is sitting more or less stably in the 50.000$ area. Let that sink in for a moment. Fifty thousand US Dollars (at the time of this writing even 57.000$). Amazing.

Bitcoin being my main objective, my current exposure is still close to zero. Yes, I'm all in altcoins, and there's nothing you stupid maxis can do about it. πŸ˜€

So yeah, I'll try to write a bit more, here, in the coming time. It would be a shame to not keep track of everything that's going on, right now. Altcoin Season (and Tezos still shitting the bed whenever possible, lol), Bitcoin Season, Happy Season… Everything Season! πŸš€

Oh, one more thing: I did something really retarded: I spend 500 fucking US Dollars for an emoji URL redirect. It's not decentralized, it's nothing great / new / disruptive. It's just a fucking URL redirect. I "bought" the emoji domain https://y.at/πŸ†πŸ’°πŸ† and I feel pretty dumb about it. Not that it made me poor or anything, but I've paid it with my credit card, and it feels much more real than when you pay with gambling tokens a.k.a. Bitcoin or Altcoins.
We'll see what happens. I'll just keep it in my mental trash bin which is large enough so I won't need to ever empty it, and who knows, maybe I'll find a greater fool who buys me out of my stupidity by paying even more money for this. ^^

Other than that, Tezos is pulling a Litecoin, even Ubisoft announcing that they're a baker now didn't move the price at all. My Haven (XHV) bag is doing fine and I expect it to break out anytime soon. Love their xAssets like xUSD, which are backed by XHV. Pretty clever concept, if you're interested in decentralized stablecoins, I suggest looking into it. Haven is basically a Monero fork which managed to implement colored coins, so they can reflect pretty much any asset which has a publicly accessible price feed (e.g. via oracle). This thing is likely to melt some faces.

Take care, stay healthy and enjoy the bull market!

2021/01/03 - 34.000 hooray! \o/

My BTC endeavor: after having a drink or two yesterday, I bought a few shitcoins, again lmao. Plan generally still stands, but certain low sat coins are showing strength which is just too hard to ignore.

  • Bitcoin had another all time high at 34.700 USD and it shows no signs of stopping, yet. Not sure how much higher it can go, but the weekly candle looks just crazy.
  • Altcoins: let's have a word on Verge (XVG). Open its chart and scroll out as far as possible, maybe on the 4h or 1d chart.
    • Volume recently is more than intact.
    • It can't go much lower, really… it's currently trading at some 29 sat, and the potential upside could easily be an x10 to x30, fuck knows what else could happen.
    • If you manage to sit tight on your hands, this should be an easy hodl. This thing doesn't get bought up for nothing. I'm dead sure it will pump. 100%.
  • Other stuff: normally, I'm trying to keep this blawg less about my own stuff, but mainly about everything that's interesting in crypto. But right now, everybody's just watching Bitcoin (and DOGE lol), and it feels like not much is happening, really. But I'll switch back to the old style as soon as crypto allows for it.

2021/01/02 - All Ti... you know the rest

My BTC endeavor: my target at 32.200 USD has hit, meaning I'm currently out of Bitcoin, waiting for The Dip™. I can see it going up another 1-2.000 USD, but then, we should get our correction. Max pain: a month or two, maybe it goes much faster, though. See chart below.

Other stuff:

2020/12/31 - Happy New Year!

Another year has passed. No need to talk about how shit 2020 was, so I'll leave that out. Ok, so yesterday, I've made a plan for the coming days / weeks, as well as for the entirety of 2021. Most who know me a bit know that I'm convinced we'll reach six figures in the coming year since at least 2017. I'm sometimes referring to this as #agenda2020+. I'm confident the top of the coming rally will be somewhere between 100.000 and 420.000 USD.

By the way: I'm currently working on an article on how to "protect" your KYC data using steganography. It's a precaution you can take to be able to identify services which sell your KYC data, get hacked or have your ID etc get into the wrong hands by other means. I'll probably release it soon™ in the blog section.

Here's my current trading status:

Now the crypto stuff:

2020/12/30 - Yet Another All Time High


Bitcoin is at 26.600 USD (had an ATH of over 28.000 just recently!) and altcoins are still showing strength at their bottoms. Most are at historic lows, and now that people got used to Bitcoin trashing any altcoin returns over the past two years, there's very little incentive to buy altcoins for many (or they just ran out of money). Exactly the same as in 2016/17. So what happens next?

For anybody new to the game: expect a totally new kind of experience – there is nothing like altcoin season in digital life. Enjoy!

2020/12/16 - All Time High, Baby!


I haven't written much, recently. Reason is that I fell into a rabbit hole, again: music production. As some of you might know, I'm compulsively collecting sound gear, recently, and this grabbed my whole attention. Shitcoins are doing their thing, sometimes I'm buying some, sometimes I'm selling some. Nothing special, and while I think we're on the verge of a beginning altcoin season (which might last up to a year and beyond, in total), I figured that my trading is much, much better when I spend less time... trading. πŸ˜„

So that's it, basically. My main plays are currently NANO (bottomes out, looks like it'll pump, soon) and DCR (will also pump at some point, but has these insane single green candles), both promising projects which have more than proven their pumpabilities, so besides some wave trading with a small part of my overall bag, I'm basically just letting it ride. And I recommend you do the same.

Because remember: we're all future rich. All we have to do is hodl! πŸš€