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Fellow Shitcoiners, Gamblers, Degenerates!

This is my shitcoin blog. You can also find me on Twitter under the handle @allyouracid (give me a follow if you want, or don't – I don't really care). If anyone has links or any other material on recent scams, frauds or other interesting stuff in Cryptoland, send me an email at… wait, don't send me an email, I'll find the good stuff myself. You can tag me on Twitter if necessary.

2021/01/03 - 34.000 hooray! \o/

My BTC endeavor: after having a drink or two yesterday, I bought a few shitcoins, again lmao. Plan generally still stands, but certain low sat coins are showing strength which is just too hard to ignore.

  • Bitcoin had another all time high at 34.700 USD and it shows no signs of stopping, yet. Not sure how much higher it can go, but the weekly candle looks just crazy.
  • Altcoins: let's have a word on Verge (XVG). Open its chart and scroll out as far as possible, maybe on the 4h or 1d chart.
    • Volume recently is more than intact.
    • It can't go much lower, really… it's currently trading at some 29 sat, and the potential upside could easily be an x10 to x30, fuck knows what else could happen.
    • If you manage to sit tight on your hands, this should be an easy hodl. This thing doesn't get bought up for nothing. I'm dead sure it will pump. 100%.
  • Other stuff: normally, I'm trying to keep this blawg less about my own stuff, but mainly about everything that's interesting in crypto. But right now, everybody's just watching Bitcoin (and DOGE lol), and it feels like not much is happening, really. But I'll switch back to the old style as soon as crypto allows for it.

2021/01/02 - All Ti... you know the rest

My BTC endeavor: my target at 32.200 USD has hit, meaning I'm currently out of Bitcoin, waiting for The Dip™. I can see it going up another 1-2.000 USD, but then, we should get our correction. Max pain: a month or two, maybe it goes much faster, though. See chart below.

Other stuff:

2020/12/31 - Happy New Year!

Another year has passed. No need to talk about how shit 2020 was, so I'll leave that out. Ok, so yesterday, I've made a plan for the coming days / weeks, as well as for the entirety of 2021. Most who know me a bit know that I'm convinced we'll reach six figures in the coming year since at least 2017. I'm sometimes referring to this as #agenda2020+. I'm confident the top of the coming rally will be somewhere between 100.000 and 420.000 USD.

By the way: I'm currently working on an article on how to "protect" your KYC data using steganography. It's a precaution you can take to be able to identify services which sell your KYC data, get hacked or have your ID etc get into the wrong hands by other means. I'll probably release it soon™ in the blog section.

Here's my current trading status:

Now the crypto stuff:

2020/12/30 - Yet Another All Time High


Bitcoin is at 26.600 USD (had an ATH of over 28.000 just recently!) and altcoins are still showing strength at their bottoms. Most are at historic lows, and now that people got used to Bitcoin trashing any altcoin returns over the past two years, there's very little incentive to buy altcoins for many (or they just ran out of money). Exactly the same as in 2016/17. So what happens next?

For anybody new to the game: expect a totally new kind of experience – there is nothing like altcoin season in digital life. Enjoy!

2020/12/16 - All Time High, Baby!


I haven't written much, recently. Reason is that I fell into a rabbit hole, again: music production. As some of you might know, I'm compulsively collecting sound gear, recently, and this grabbed my whole attention. Shitcoins are doing their thing, sometimes I'm buying some, sometimes I'm selling some. Nothing special, and while I think we're on the verge of a beginning altcoin season (which might last up to a year and beyond, in total), I figured that my trading is much, much better when I spend less time... trading. 😄

So that's it, basically. My main plays are currently NANO (bottomes out, looks like it'll pump, soon) and DCR (will also pump at some point, but has these insane single green candles), both promising projects which have more than proven their pumpabilities, so besides some wave trading with a small part of my overall bag, I'm basically just letting it ride. And I recommend you do the same.

Because remember: we're all future rich. All we have to do is hodl! 🚀



2020/11/30: ATH BROKEN!!!









2020/11/17: welcome to 17.000!




2020/11/12: todamoon.gif




2020/11/08: Snowflakes for winter

2020/11/06: FOMO IS REAL

2020/11/05: Not your keys, not your coins… or?

2020/11/04: Election Day!


2020/09/11: SushiSwap: The exit scam which didn't happen

2020/07/13: Season?


Long time no see, folks! I've found some stuff I thought was worth blogging about, so here I am.


Good morning! What a great day, Bitcoin is moving up and Tezos also still wants more. Good… let's keep it that way for another while. Dune is keeping its buy support in the 0.025 USD range, which is great. Also, starting with block 217.088 (should be a bit later, today), the monthly burning of 10% of unused wallets starts today. There are different estimates on how it will affect the total supply, but most range around the 50% mark, which would be quite huge.

But I assume that, if FOMO materializes and DUN goes up, more and more people will start claiming their DUN before the whole idle supply will be burned. So, with each passing month, the rate of burnable coins might decline if there's anything close to a network effect in Dune.

Ok, today in crypto:


What's up today? I've decided to write a bit more about my trades. Recently, the markets are seeing increased activity; not only did Bitcoin leave its 6.000+ range and is knocking on the door to 10.000 – shitcoins are pumping left and right, too. Well, "pumping". Of course, this is nothing compared to 2016+, but even the Bitcoin 2017 blow off top has started somewhere (in 2015). So, let's be patient and ride this on its way up to new ATHs. 😎

What I'm trading, currently:

Let's see how it goes. Lots of opportunities, there… I wouldn't go that far to use the s-word, yet, but we're on a good way. Markets have bleeded long enough!


I'm back in Germany. No more palm trees, no more ocean, no more oranges you can pick right from the orange trees, cold weather and: SNOW! Awesome. At least something (but I expect it to be molten before we can build a snowman).


The new year has started. I left Germany for a month because I couldn't take the shit there anymore and needed a break. So, here we are in the new year and what I noticed, so far:

Oh, there's something positive. After countless (literally, countless!) delays, there is actual hope that Qortal, QORA's successor, will maybe eventually launch on 2020/02/02. It's a cool date and it would be a shame if that would be missed, again. I'm not going into the details of what's planned and what the team is working on; I'll leave that to the developers and the ANN thread on Bitcointalk. 🙂

2019/10/25 - Why is it so quiet, here?

As you might have noticed, I didn't get to post in the past week. There are a few reasons for that. First, my wife is getting a small surgery on her knee, tomorrow, which means I've had to do some preparations, take care of the kids etc. The other reason is that I'm working on a new project. I can't tell much about it, yet, but it is (of course 😀) related to cryptocurrency. I'm helping out building a platform which could become a success. Nothing huge, because it only fills a quite small niche, but nevertheless, it could work.

Also, I always enjoy wrapping my head around new things, working on new projects and building on new technology I haven't used, before. Stay tuned! (But chances are good – or bad, depending on your view – that I won't have much time for shitposting in the coming weeks)

Update 2019/11/03: I'm still coding, using every free minute. My time to take care about shitposting on Twitter is limited... for now.













Good morning Shitcoiners! What a wonderful day, nearly everything is green. Me gusto! 👍
Short notice: as the site is now running since more than two months (which is close to two months more than I expected it to run) and actual people are reading my typorrhea, here, I somewhat feel obliged to continue. And to not have the home page grow longer and longer, I decided to move everything that's older than two months into the archive. It's likely that nobody scrolls down that much anyway, so it should be good.






Emergency! 🚑 Beaxy CEO is missing (see below)! I wanted to make this a bullet point right below the story, but as this is a topic which concerns me a lot, I decided to put it right up here. So, here we go: I know this is all new tech, so I'll give them that. And whenever new tech was invented, lots of companies fucked up and lost customers' money. But dammit, other platforms also get their shit done (more or less). I've been asked a few times, already, if I wanna join others in creating their own exchange. And by all means, I am a tech savvy person. I'd be more competent than most of the small shitcoin exchanges going bust one after another, but for fuck's sake, this is about customers' money. We've got so many fools who think it's a good idea to sell their house and their mother to buy the latest shitcoin, and you may argue that they deserve it. But as long as there's someone better in technology / security, I don't wanna be the one responsible for their loss. And I wish those small exchanges who thought they can make a quick buck would think this way, too. Guess I'm a dreamer.










Had a busy day yesterday, so I'll have to late file a few of yesterday's events today.






Today is a good day. To pimp the site a bit (and, to be honest, to satisfy my need to use emojis while typing), I added the emoji plugin to the TYPO3 extension ckeditor. Worked like a charm, until I tried actually using it. Whenever I wrote data to the MySQL database, it threw an error 🤦‍♂️, hinting me toward a charset error. So I checked all db settings, the tables themselves and finally managed to get it to work. Yay! 💪