Satoshi's Treasure (Tezos) has started!

The hunt has started. The Bitcoin hunt already fascinates a lot of people, and now, it's up to Tezos folks to prove they're as good in hunting as the Bitcoin folks. On this page, I will collect information regarding the hunt. Mostly general stuff and anything that relates to the riddles which can be solved using a computer (I assume most geo related stuff will take place in the US, so for me as a German citizen, those won't make much sense).

First, I'll assemble a list of generally important links which are not related to a certain hunt. Have fun!


Decoding the coordinates

Any ideas, corrections, solutions? Drop me an email, address is in the header!

  1. 45°28'51.9"N 9°10'48.4"E – Via Paolo Sarpi, 5, 20154 Milano MI, Italy (oops, not exactly in the US 😅)
  2. 37°58'42.4"N 23°43'33.9"E – Kodrika 2-6, Athina 105 54, Greece
  3. 25°04'08.0"N 55°08'28.7"E – Almas Tower - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  4. 6°10'26.8"S 106°49'37.2"E – Unnamed Road, RT.5/RW.2, Gambir, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10110, Indonesia
  5. 35°40'07.0"N 139°42'23.0"E – Japan, 〒150-0001 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya City, Jingūmae, 4-chōme−29−7 原宿V1ビル 1階
  6. 48°51'34.9"N 2°21'11.4"E – 2-4 Rue Pierre au Lard, 75004 Paris, France
  7. 48°12'51.0"N 16°22'29.0"E – Salztorbrücke, Vienna, Austria
  8. 47°29'49.2"N 19°03'48.0"E – Budapest, Erzsébetváros, 1075 Hungary
  9. 48°08'09.0"N 17°06'18.0"E – Unnamed Road, 851 01 Petržalka, Slovakia
  10. 50°26'26.0"N 30°33'39.0"E – CHR6+68 Kyiv, Ukraine

Looks like I was wrong; actually, there's not a single key in the USA. Places which are more or less close to me are 1, 6, 7 and 9. Too bad I just came back home from holidays in Austria. 😐

What's interesting is, the 0bin paste says "For the remaining splits, watch this space, or space itself…" – "or space itself", you say? 🤔
Maybe it's just me, but this sounds a lot like a reference to something satellite-ish! I just checked the Satoshi's Treasure website and it looks like I'm not that far off. This has to be the Blockstream BTC satellites! Too bad I didn't follow that great tutorial on Hackernoon and setup a satellite node.